We Promise to be Faithful to the CofE. Will the CofE be Faithful to its Promises to Us?

From Together4ward


The Together4ward team were excited last Saturday to see Church Society elect a new Council. At the new council’s first meeting on Tuesday, together 4wappreciation was expressed by all for the Church of England, and our firm commitment to her.


We are in the process of planning a more detailed contribution to the discussion around GS1886, the women bishops working group’s document outlining the process to make women bishops while providing proper provision for conscience. We hope that contribution, along with some detailed suggestions for Dioceses to consider, can be made available early July.


Until then, we would like to offer the following comment:


As evangelical ministers, we love the people in our parishes, our bishops, and the wider church. At our ordinations, we made promises to serve them by framing our lives around Christ and the scriptures. In return our congregations, bishops, and the wider church have placed their trust in us.


Like our marriages, these promises were sincere and heartfelt, and so serious that by making them we took on a legal commitment. All praise be to our God, who in his covenant with us in Christ, made promises to us which also entail a legal commitment. We will not and cannot simply walk away from those people to whom we have made such promises. We love them, and that love we have made concrete in promise, trust and law.

We promise to be faithful to the CofE. But will the CofE be faithful to its promises to us?

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