Queen’s holy oath at her coronation would be broken by gay marriage law, says senior clergyman

by Daniel Martin, Mailonline

  • Bishop Nazir-Ali says Queen cannot sign legislation as upholder of church
  • Gay marriage opponents launched last-ditch bid to kill the plan in the Lords

Legalising gay marriage could force the Queen to break a Coronation oath, a senior clergyman warned yesterday.

Bishop Michael Nazir-Ali, former Bishop of Rochester, said the Queen vowed when she was crowned 60 years ago to ‘uphold the laws of God’.

He claimed that signing into law an act allowing same-sex couples to marry would contravene that promise.

He spoke as opponents of same-sex unions launched a last-ditch bid to kill the plans in the House of Lords today.

Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby will demand amendments to the Bill to protect those with moral objections.

Gay marriage passed with a large majority in the Commons and polls show most of the public are in favour, but it will face a tougher ride in the traditionalist Lords.

Bishop Nazir-Ali made his comments in a service outside Buckingham Palace on the 60th anniversary of the Coronation.

He later told the Mail: ‘The idea of a constitutional monarchy comes from the Bible. Christians are told in the Bible to obey their rulers, unless the ruler tells us to do something God forbids.

‘Happily in this country we have a monarchy that has taken an oath of upholding God’s laws, and the present Queen has for years been faithful to that. We are praying that she continues to be faithful.

But while she is faithful to the vows she has taken, in this country she has to act on the advice of her ministers.

‘That puts the onus on the Prime Minister not to put the Queen into a position where she may have to go against the sovereign promises she has made. We hope that she is not put in that position.’

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