Are ‘Power Christians’ taking over the City of London?

From Cranmer

Well this is curious.

On the one hand, we have the Rev’d George Pitcher in the New Statesman, persuaded that ‘Power Christians’ are taking over the City of London. And on the other, we have Bishop Michael Nazir-Ali in the Daily Telegraph telling us that the Faith has collapsed and capitulated to a toxic synthesis of political correctness and ascendant Islam. The Daily Mail today features empty church pews juxtaposed with overflowing mosques, which rather lends credence to the Bishop’s view.

The only way of reconciling these apparently mutually-exclusive views is to reason that ‘Power Christians’ are an elite group of believers, strategically positioned by God in the temples of power, patiently awaiting the Parousia in eschatological fulfilment of Pauline prophecy. They are a kind of prosperity-preaching Bullingdon Christian – a savvy, wealthy, charismatic and cultured charism, perched somewhere between Boris and Billy Graham. They are ‘taking over’ not so much after the fashion of the Cameroon coup in the Conservative Party, but gently, incrementally under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, in accordance with the precepts of an Alpha Course.

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