EM = ‘Equal’ Marriage = Delicious Doublespeak


May 21st, 2013 Posted in Gay Marriage |


By Lisa Severine Nolland, PhD

This bill, which claims to be about ‘equality’, is actually anything but ‘equal’! In fact, in a stroke of genius à la Orwell, terms are deployed to manipulate public opinion and ensure certain outcomes. The process is rushed and truncated, with those with other views ridiculed and marginalized. Winning is what counts! On closer inspection, however, the terms used mean either something rather different or the complete opposite. ‘Equal’ marriage is the one thing SSM is not!

Problems include:

1  Re-Definition of Marriage for All

2  EM = ‘Open Marriage’ = Terminated Marriage

3  Marriage Despisers Like Peter Tatchell Now Demanding EM

4  The Lack of ‘Equality’ for Polygamous and Polyamorous ‘Marrieds’

5  And What About the Children?

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