Sex, Individualism, and the End of Civilization

Dale KuehneBy Kristin Rudolph, IRD


Our evaporating sexual mores are indicative of deep confusion about who we believe we are as human beings, what it means to be uniquely male or female, and what our purpose in life is. Dale Kuehne, author of Sex and the iWorld discussed these issues at the recent Q Conference in Los Angeles on April 16, stating: “We were made to love God, self, and others,” not to accumulate material wealth or indulge fleshly desires.


We have been told that freedom from religious and traditional boundaries will make us happy, as we are liberated to pursue self-fulfillment. But, Kuehne, a politics professor at St. Anselm College pointed out in a Q&A session, a Washington Post study of teenage mothers found the number one reason girls became pregnant was not because they were ignorant about birth control, but because they “wanted to be loved.”


Kuehne explained, “There is a design to the world. There are rules to it [which are good news].” He described the shift from a world that recognized and lived by those rules – the “traditional world,” or “tWorld.” This world was built with limits that placed sex within the relationship of husband and wife. The professor outlined how this moral foundation was established through a blend of Judaic and Christian teachings, and Greek and Roman philosophy. As Aristotle argued, “Fundamentally humans are not individuals, per se, we’re always part of relationship. The fundamental relationship for him was family,” Kuehne said.


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