Numerous Human Rights Violations Against Pro-Family Demonstrators


April 2013: The recent attacks on pro-family mass-demonstrations include: tear gaz against children and overboarding police force, unconstitutional state action and human rights violations, death threats against organizers on social media and stabbing of a protester, as well as violations of freedom of assembly.
Hundreds of thousands of French civilians have been protesting the introduction of same-sex marriage and gay adoption since November 2012. Police force, state action and LGBT activists have responded in a violent, undemocratic and intolerant way, say witnesses.

Witnesses report:
– In March and April 2013, several instances were witnessed of the police using gaz against peaceful pro-family protesters, including children, families and elderly people. The coalition Citizens for Democracy reports that on March 24, the French authorities imposed a parade in a dead-end-road, with no exit for a demonstration of more than 1.8 million people and therefore used disproportionate public forces to “monitor the parade”: within the limits of the official route of the permitted event (Avenue Foch, Porte Dauphine) tear gas were used against families (complaints and a parliamentary inquiry is underway) as well as against a former Minister, Mrs Christine Boutin. View images here.

– Samuel Lafont, a young man on the side of „La Manif Pour Tous“, the anti same-sex marriage movement, was been targetted by LGBT activists and stabbed four time in the back, and had to be hospitalized in the morning of Saturday, April 13.

– 67 young people who had conducted a nightly sit-in to protest were arrested for 17 hours in a dirty place without any knowledge about their right to call a lawyer.

– A personal witness reports: “It is now forbidden to wear the sweat-shirt with the logo of the demonstration against gay marriage (design of a family: father, mother and two children holding hands) in public spaces, the fine says ‚wearing a piece of clothes that is contrary to good behaviour’ and the police also doesn’t want people to carry the French flag and the flag of the rally. A lady in her fifties that was riding a bike with this flag was stopped by police who took her flag from her. I have friends who were having coffee in a bar and the police confiscated their flag, they were two families with children. Our government is crazy!” View similar incidents in a video (French):

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