Forcing same sex marriage on others?

By Chris Sugden, Evangelicals Now

The Same-sex couples bill is not a done deal. It awaits its third reading in the Commons on May 20 where even more Conservative MPs may vote against it than at the second reading. The Lords will consider it in June, where a number of serious amendments may be made. These would delay the Bill into the period very close to the next election which the Prime Minister may not want.

Time for further consideration should take into account the effect of the bill, should it become law, on Commonwealth countries. It specifically provides for same-sex marriage ceremonies to be held in British embassies and military bases which are sovereign British territories. These may well involve a national of the country concerned and a British expatriate – as part of the international export activities of the gay agenda. Such ceremonies, though technically legal, will be profoundly offensive to the host nation. They will be seen as a reversion to the ways of the former imperial masters when they took little account of the sensibilities of their colonial populations. Read the rest of this entry »

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