Blaspheming freedom

An Episcopal Parish links American freedom with pansexuality in an unholy alliance

By David W. Virtue 

The push for pansexual acceptance in The Episcopal Church apparently knows no boundaries.

Not only have lesbian priests like Susan Russell and gay bishops like Gene Robinson (pictured here) pushed the sexual boundaries right over the biblical cliff, they are now trumpeting their sexual proclivities by framing their behavior through the lens of American freedom and patriotic nationalism.

The above picture says it all. Nationalism and freedom are being linked in an unholy alliance at St. Margaret’s Episcopal Church in San Juan, Capistrano in California in order to ratify a deadly sexual perversion that has killed tens of thousands of men, is proscribed by Holy scripture, is ontologically impossible, theologically unobtainable, medically dangerous and reproductively impossible.

Now it is on display in the youth ministry room in St. Margaret’s Episcopal Church. The parents of this church should take their kids out of this church and head for the hills. In their diversity statement on their education program they talked about an inclusive school community whose membership reflects the rich diversity of San Juan Capistrano and southern Orange County. Their non-discrimination policy includes sexual orientation.

To be an American and be free never meant that we could indulge in our sexual behaviors and expect the state to bless and ratify the same. Framers of the Constitution never envisaged the 14th Amendment on Civil Rights to entertain the notion of sexual “rights”. That has been a more recent development and slowly devolving over time. Sex is not a right; it is a gift. Freedom and liberty is being pushed in what is truly a case of unbridled license.

The nuclear family remains at the core of American life, freedom, and our future. We destroy it to our peril. Homosexual activist Masha Gessen recently admitted that the true purpose of the homosexual battle is to destroy marriage and that radical homosexuals are lying about their radical political agenda. She says that they don’t want to access the institution of marriage; they want to radically redefine and eventually eliminate it.

The intact married family with children is the household that generates the productive work, income, and savings that purchase houses, food, cars, and clothing, use energy, send children to school, and save for college and weddings. It is of homes like this that the Nobel Laureate economist Gary Becker spoke when he said, “The mother at home raising her children contributes more to the economy than her husband out in the workforce.” 

“If we want a vibrant economy, we must grow the best of children, just as the farmer who wants the best crops pays close attention to the timing of the seasons, and sows the best seed in the best soil he can,” writes Patrick Fagan, Senior Fellow and Director of the Marriage and Religion Research Institute at the Family Research Council.

“Much like the farmer who neglects the basics, the peoples of Spain, Italy, and Greece have given up on traditional family life as the core of their culture and their future, and have vied with each other over the last few decades for the lowest fertility rate in the world. The finance ministers of the European Union (and the world) do not appear to have caught on to the economy-altering implications of this change, while we in the United States are well on our way to becoming a Spain, Italy, or Greece writ large, unless we again learn the fundamental law of the seasons of society’s regeneration, and the absolute necessity of the timely emergence of the young intact married family with children that worships God weekly.”

The Episcopal Church has capitulated to the culture over sexuality. It is reaping the results of its intransigence with declining attendance, emptying pews, dying dioceses and folding seminaries.

In an attempt to bolster its falling numbers and bad theology, it is now linking the whole notion of being an Episcopalian and freedom with a panoply of pansexual behaviors. It is a desperate move that will fail.

It is blasphemy piled on blasphemy. 

First the behavior is anathematized and proscribed by Scripture and tradition. When a handful of homosexuals say they were born that way, they DEMAND the church accept them AND their behavior. Those who oppose them are deemed homophobic and the church slowly begins to roll over. Now it has reached the point that anyone who dares to mutter that sodomy is wrong (despite an AIDS pandemic) is decried as hate filled. Lawsuits are filed against anyone who dare says otherwise — you know where this is going.

Now it is being considered unpatriotic to oppose homosexuality. This is where America is going — down the drain.

The 20th Century was America’s Hour noted social critic Dr. Os Guinness. It will not be so in the 21st Century.

In an interview, Guinness recently warned of a loss of freedom in America. He in his latest book, A Free People’s Suicide: Sustainable Freedom and the American Future. “What Americans love supremely is freedom. You can judge the health of a nation by the health of freedoms today. The greatest enemy of freedom is freedom. Now the reason for that paradox is that freedom requires an order, or a framework, and the only appropriate framework for freedom is self-restraint, and yet self-restraint is precisely what freedom undermines when it flourishes. In a Christian understanding, Jesus says you will know the truth and the truth will set you free — that is ordered freedom.”

The Episcopal Church has become the mistress of an unbridled lack of self-restraint.

“Modern American freedom is largely libertarian and negative, the freedom from only, is quite simply unsustainable. Radical relativism underlies a lot of things and it’s creating social chaos in this country,” writes Guinness.

“We have a relational chaos. You’ve got to the point now where any possible relationship is legitimate, so long as you have consenting adults. Behind the so-called LBGT coalition, you can see people like polyamorists, polygamists, and even supporters of incest and sex with animals all lining up and saying, “we too.” There are literally no moral or legal grounds from which to deny that claim in a day when freedom has become so totally relativistic. The result will be an extraordinary confusion in the harvest of social dysfunctions in the future.”

The picture in this story says a thousand words. It is the beginning of a guaranteed end of a once proud denomination and ultimately the end of a nation.

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