The ‘saturation process’: hooking kids on sex

by Eric Metaxas, LifeSite News


These days, those of us seeking to speak up for biblical values in the culture are being told to tone down our rhetoric. And I agree that often we do ourselves and the cause of Christ few favors when we use overheated language, when we exaggerate, or verbally beat up our opponents. Speaking the truth in love is always a good policy, especially in our highly polarized times.


But I can’t help but feel enraged—righteously, I hope—when children are made the guinea pigs in social experiments. And unfortunately that’s just what’s happening every day through groups such as Planned Parenthood. And it’s happening with federal tax dollars adding to not just the budget deficit, but to a kind of moral deficit.


For example, the Affordable Care Act includes the provision of $75 million annually to fund so-called comprehensive sex-education programs. These programs are designed to indoctrinate young people in the kind of relativistic morality that creates so many problems in families, businesses, and schools.


Take just one example. The federal Personal Responsibility Education Program, or PREP, has given $20 million to a coalition of six Planned Parenthood affiliates in Montana, Oregon, Idaho, Washington, and Alaska. While the program claims that it teaches abstinence, it defines “abstinence” as avoiding activities that carry the risk of pregnancy or STDs. That is, abstinence has been redefined, at taxpayer expense, to mean something completely different from actual abstinence. And students are provided with cash incentives to encourage them to attend.


Paul Rondeau of the Washington Times is right when he says that these organizations are marketing “sex to our children in our schools under the guise of sex education, anti-bullying, diversity, and tolerance.” If they succeed in instilling their worldview, he adds, the children become their long-term customers looking for contraceptives, STD testing, and of course, abortions.


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