Message from Bishop David Anderson

Dear Friends of the Anglican Realignment,

During the winter weather in North America, the snow, ice, rain, road salt, etc., take a heavy toll on the streets and motorways, leaving significant potholes in the driving lanes. As things warm up in the spring, two things become necessary: the road maintenance crews need to patch or repave the potholes and motorists need to take their automobiles to the garage and have their wheels realigned so they are all pointed in the same exact direction.

In the Anglican Communion, the winter of liberal theological heresies, immoral innovation, and deviant practices has knocked the wheels of orthodox Anglicanism out of kilter. When Anglican bishops, usually American Episcopal ones, argue against the Holy Trinity, deny the virgin birth of Jesus and his bodily resurrection, and state that there are many ways to God – Jesus is just one option so take your pick – then the wheels of the Anglican wagon get seriously wobbly. In recent years, the American Episcopalians decided not only to ordain non-celibate homosexuals, but to perform same-sex unions and marriages, and then the Church of England rushed along to declare that a homosexual with a same-sex partner is OK for consideration as a bishop. Now you might wonder if the wheels will come completely off of the wagon. It’s time for an Anglican realignment – time to tighten up the wheels and point them straight ahead in theory, theology and practice. That is the principal reason that I use this term for what we are about; not just fussing about one thing or another, but recognizing that the entire Communion needs to have its alignment checked, and where it is out of alignment, to experience a realignment along historic and Biblical lines.

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