Leadership of Episcopal church Displays Their Hypocrisy


The leadership of the organization that claims to be the Episcopal church is all in for the opposition to the Imagedeath penalty.

When Gov. Dannel Malloy signed a bill in April making Connecticut the fifth state in five years to abolish the death penalty, Episcopal Diocese of Connecticut Bishop Suffragan James Curry’s attendance at the ceremony testified to the influence of Episcopal leaders on ending capital punishment in the state.

Curry and other members of the diocese had worked with the Connecticut Network to Abolish the Death Penalty since the 2005 execution of serial killer Michael Ross, the first prisoner put to death in New England in 45 years.

Abolishing the death penalty became “a very, very contentious issue” in Connecticut after two recently released prisoners invaded a home and “brutally murdered” two girls and their mother in 2007, he said.

At least they claim to be opposed to the death penalty.  Somewhere they have forgotten the millions of innocent babies they have joyfully relegated to the trash heap.  How can any human being be opposed to the death penalty for convicted murderers but advocate for the murder of the most innocent among us? 

We will have to answer for the corporate sin of allowing the death and destruction of our young.  Lord, please open the eyes and ears of those who forget that all life is precious.